Why is religion so important?

Watching the news today, at lunch I was discussing with my friend from China about the incident. We bumped into the topic of religion being a reason for terrorism. I was surprised to hear that in China you are not supposed to ask anyone to convert to your religion, it seems it is a crime to persuade someone like that. He was explaining why religion has no importance in China since pre-1949 revolution.

I was wondering why we bother so much about religion, that we are ready to kill people from other religions. Most developed nations are not so oriented towards religion. What does religion give you? Culture? Solace? I don't know.

Every month we see news about genocides like this from some part of the world, one way or the other linked to religion, caste, class. When will we be human?

Too serious thoughts before holidays! Anyways me off for the thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

There is a saying "The greater the lie, the more the believers" !

For internals, take a look at 'BrainWashing" by Prof Kathleen Taylor.


Saifi Khan.