Should Telangana have its own state?

This is a 50yr old mess. These are my opinions as I discussed with my friend Amarnath.
It is quite natural in politics or science to experiment and see what works, sadly if it doesn't work in politics, you create irreparable damage

Telangana region is indeed undeveloped, no major industries. Once you walk out of Hyderabad, all you see is deserted lands, fluorosis and malnourishment. What they need is a good governance, that concentrates on their upbringing. A separate state with selfish leaders will do nothing for them. It is natural that a politician will channel funds to his region first, Telangana leaders should be doing that too, but there is no such leader from Telangana who did it.

Telangana leaders know they cannot survive if Hyderabad's income does not come to it
If Telangana people are so confident that they will be good with a new state, then why not let go Hyderabad? Most of Hyderabad's businesses are run by people from outside, not just Andrites, Gujaratis, Marwari's and others

As far as allegations that Andhrites exploit Telangana people goes, I think that's baseless. It is not birds' mistake if you cannot fly. Telangana always lacked great leaders to take them into future.

If Kurnool were the capital even now, Hyderabad would not have been what it is today. It saw massive inflows of funds only because it became the capital of the state.

Andhra is rich for the delta regions it has, I am not sure if Telangana has such huge fertile lands and the rivers' waters can change this

Hyderabad without investments will be nothing, it will only take it back to n'th big city in India. All major industries in Hyderabad are generated by people from Andhra and Rayalseems. Satyam, Dr. Reddy's, entire Telugu industry are by those people, hardly any one from Telangana.
What Telangana needs is good industries and good leaders and entrepreneurs to make them happen

Just the other day my dad was saying, a person he knows, from Telangana is not happy with new state. He was about to sell his farms in the outskirts of Hyderabad to an Andhra businessman for a few crores. Now he lost the deal. If Telangana forms, his land will be worth peanuts. This is how it will be for Telangana

More states will only increase the expenses of each state, in terms of more employees, divided income and we are already famous for our bureaucracy

If Telangana people believe future lies in forming a new state, let them have it. People from Andhra and Rayalseema will start feeling insecure in Hyderabad, and no doubt will move back at the first chance they get. This is a good opportunity for other regions to invest within their boundaries and bring up their economy. And this is a good economics lesson too

Unable to pay school fee, girl ends life

A friend of mine pointed me to this news article:
I pity the poor girl who thought there is no life without going to school, I guess she is right! She knows the importance of education, sadly our "rulers" don't.

There are such kids everywhere in India who cannot go to school for various reasons.
Me thinks parents have no right to give birth if they cannot provide decent education and comforts to their children

Instead of spending billions on Chandrayaan and for defense why not make education mandatory for all kids up to Xth standard? Don't we know very well that educated community is the one that succeeds!

Why is religion so important?

Watching the news today, at lunch I was discussing with my friend from China about the incident. We bumped into the topic of religion being a reason for terrorism. I was surprised to hear that in China you are not supposed to ask anyone to convert to your religion, it seems it is a crime to persuade someone like that. He was explaining why religion has no importance in China since pre-1949 revolution.

I was wondering why we bother so much about religion, that we are ready to kill people from other religions. Most developed nations are not so oriented towards religion. What does religion give you? Culture? Solace? I don't know.

Every month we see news about genocides like this from some part of the world, one way or the other linked to religion, caste, class. When will we be human?

Too serious thoughts before holidays! Anyways me off for the thanksgiving.

No option on YouTube to share videos on Orkut

YouTube has recently added the option to share videos through many social networking sites and bookmark sharing sites, which is kinda nice.

But ironically it did not add any option to add it to Google own Orkut, to its video sharing option. It has recently merged the YouTube account with its Google account too. It would nice to add videos to Orkut favorites straight from YouTube.

Found no other place to say this out, so posted here.

It is now available.

Who wants to be a Sub-Inspector of Police?

OK this is not funny. Anybody who can crack a case of rape and murder will be awarded half-a-million rupees and will be offered the job of sub-inspector of police.

The officials made this offer as they could not find any clues and hence could not solve it themselves!
Does that mean the police are inefficient? Waiting for somebody to solve it for them?

Anyways, best opportunity for whoever aspiring to become a SI.

Check the original message here:

Indias nuclear energy deal with US called off

Well what to say in a country where political power is of more value than the good deeds people get. The PM has called off the nuclear deal with the US, which if materializes can help a lot with energy thirsty nation, because the Communists, without who the government cannot survive till 2009, did not want that to happen.
The reason they sight is that "the US will control the foreign policy of India". I really have no idea how that will happen.

Anyhow, another opportunity to supplement the energy needs is almost gone.
Had I been the PM I would have gone for the deal and not hear a word of the leftists.
Should see how these Communists can bring economic growth if they come into the lead!

Wheres my necklace?

Here is a quick question, if ever your baby swallows a foreign object like a penny, how will you retrieve it? Scared?
The Kolkatta police have their own technique for such disasters. Some poor guy stole a gold chain from a woman and galloped it. The police gave the petty thief a nice meal of bananas, chicken etc for an biological ejection of the chain.

Ain't it intelligent?
On BBC News: