Indias nuclear energy deal with US called off

Well what to say in a country where political power is of more value than the good deeds people get. The PM has called off the nuclear deal with the US, which if materializes can help a lot with energy thirsty nation, because the Communists, without who the government cannot survive till 2009, did not want that to happen.
The reason they sight is that "the US will control the foreign policy of India". I really have no idea how that will happen.

Anyhow, another opportunity to supplement the energy needs is almost gone.
Had I been the PM I would have gone for the deal and not hear a word of the leftists.
Should see how these Communists can bring economic growth if they come into the lead!


nastypajamas said... the deal's done,eh? i totaly agree with you, as do the majority of indians- the leftists are purely anti-progression, anti-development....i say criminaly anti-indian....but dude, that's the thing-no one knows for sure what lies in the deep dark gorges of the nuclear deal.....something as "open" as the RTI is itself not properly understood...