Okay, here is a new Blogger website integrated with Google Account. I don't know when it was integrated but I logged in just today after so many days!
The old post I made looooong back is gone!!! All I wanted to say is I'm back with new interface and new enthu.

Lets come to the point. Today I wanna write about my shyness, yes, without any shyness!
I went to a reception today. It was about Susan Polgar, Chess Grandmaster, arriving at the Tech. I wanted to play chess like nobody can, but I fail to start every time without failure. Now, I went to that reception with my pal. We were lurking in front of the door wondering if we are at the right place. I know we are. But it is more formal inside than we expected. So I started to think should we go in or not.(Yaa I am a lil cowardice) Then came out a man seeing us and asked if we belong to the KnightRaiders. That is the name of the chess club at Tech. I dont know what to say! I said "yaa no", what is that supposed to mean? He said anyways you can have some nice food. No, thats not why I am there. Okay, take it easy. I went in and saw people sitting in groups around their tables. So we went and sat to a side. We were wondering what to do next. Should we go to her and talk something (something what?) or should we just leave? I donno. Meanwhile my friend starting saying you are offending me. Arghh...

Now they introduced her to the audience and she said nothing much and went back to her place. I wanted to take her autograph though I am not an admirer! But dammit I am so coy. I was not sure where I should take the autograph, I have no small good looking books. All we have are those class notebooks which we never use!

Then came in the only person I know in there, the guy who manages the chess club. I went to him from behind and said hi. No he din't hear that. I thought do I speak so low? Now I said in a bit higher voice. He did and as I expected he does not remember my name!

Finally I made my mind and went to her and asked her. She did on my notebook, giving me a kind of look. My friend congratulated her on her successes and wished more! Why din't I get that thought or something else and talk to her. You get short of words only when you need it!

Ok thats enough for the "first" day.